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Advanced Course

Duration 6 hours
Bike hire available

The advanced course is aimed at the rider who wants more out of their motorcycle. It will help you with every aspect of your riding and highlight weaknesses you were not aware of. It will help you understand how to control your motorcycle and the importance of positioning and speed.

Today's motorcycle's are precision machines which require your full attention. Unfortunately, over half of all motorcycle fatalities in Ireland are single vehicle accidents. These accidents often occur on country roads where there are bends and in the vast majority of cases, it was not the road surface,the weather conditions or mechanical failure which was to blame but the inability of the rider to handle their machine. Over half of these tragedies could have been avoided had the rider enhanced their riding skills.

Reading the road and forward planning will create a safer and smoother rider, thus reducing situations which require sudden braking. Most riders teach themselves how to ride or they ride out with other more experienced riders who will often push them beyond their own abilities. Most bikers would not blink an eye at spending large sums of money on a helmet or other protective clothing but would'nt even consider spending one cent on some sound advice which may save their life. After all, the helmet and clothing are there for your protection against harm, but it's what you have between your ear's than can avoid this not what's covering them. The most expensive helmet in the world will not protect you if you hit an object head on at 80kph or more.

You will discover new roads and skills on an advanced rider course but more importantly remember why you bought a motorcycle in the first place!

How is it done?

The course starts from Rathnew MAP ( just outside Wicklow town) just off the N11 which is about 40 minute ride south of Dublin city. After a pre-ride chat we will go towards Rathdrum (12 Km away) with you riding ahead of me. This is an assessment ride which will allow me to see your strengths and weaknesses. When we stop in Rathdrum I will give you feedback on your ride. After this I will provide you with a radio and give you demonstration rides, with commentary, at intervals throughout the lesson. You will follow me and take my lines around bends and hazards and observe safe overtaking skills. We will use roads which are ideal for riding style and will stop for lunch along the way. At the end of the day you will take the lead back from Rathdrum back to Rathnew with a whole new approach! This course can also reduce your insurance premium. Also check out some of the routes I use.

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