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What You Need

There's a bewildering array of bikes on the market and trying to decide which one's right for you can melt your mind. Should you buy new or second-hand? Or a practical cheap commuter or race replica? Whatever you choose, it's going to be a much more exciting than a car but you can spend a lot of money getting it wrong.

Where do You Begin?

Bikes fall into the main categories shown in Which Bike. I have compiled a list of Dublin Motorcycle Dealers and a list of dealers based in Wicklow/Wexford/Kildare to assist your search but there are other considerations too.


You will need either a Category 'A' or 'A1' learner Permit to ride a motorcycle on the road. For this you have to do a theory test. Call 1890 606 106 to make a test booking. For further information go to Licences.



There are four insurance companies willing to insure motorcyclists in Ireland -
Aon BikeCare

MCE Insurance
Liberty Insurance

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aon bikecare groups


Protective Clothing

From the helmet to the boots always allow a budget of no less than €400. Size matters so make sure everything fits snugly. If you intend covering high mileage 10,000 Km or more a year then it would be adviseable to spend twice this amount.



If you are fortunate enough to have a garage or secure parking then you're in a minority. For most of us we have to park our motorcycle's where opportunistic thieves may see them. Make their job harder by securing the bike to a fixed object or ground anchor. There are other deterrents ie alarms, immobilisers, tracking devices, disc locks, data tagging and alpha dotting to mention a few. Allow for no less than €300 for security and as a general rule of thumb the more the bike costs the more you spend.



If your motorcycle is not equipped with storage space then you may have to consider buying luggage. This can come in many shapes and forms such as top boxes, side panniers, saddlebags and tank bags. Generally speaking the more you pay the more secure and robust it will be. If you are parking on the street then you may have to carry a lock and chain around with you, as these tend to be quite cumbersome and heavy, for safety reasons I would not advise riders to carry them attached to the motorcycle or in a rucksack.


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