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David Lyons in Scotland

Back to Bikes Course

Duration 3 or 6 hours
Bike hire available

Welcome back to biking!

Many riders today are so called 'born again bikers' who get back in the saddle after spending a few years away from two wheels. Most people give up their love affair with motorcycles not out of choice but out of necessity as the mortgage and children have priority over their finances. Returning to biking for most of us is a return to freedom - all those years spent in traffic jams envying bikers who just breezed past you on your way home from work or those carefree sunny days when you take to the road and leave your worries behind, will remind you of how much fun it really was. Welcome back to motorbikes! 

If you haven't ridden for a few years then this lesson will update you with the advances made not only with today's more powerful and agile motorcycle's but also the equipment which is available for the modern rider. The tyres we have today are a world away from those available 20 to 30 years ago, supplying grip in the wet that we could only have dreamed of. Braking systems are incredibly responsive nowadays bringing the rider in most cases from 100 kph to standstill in under 3 seconds, also ABS (anti-lock braking system) linked brakes and servo assisted brakes are becoming more common. The bikes themselves weigh far less with the use of light weight metals and alloys. The acceleration on most bikes would beat almost any sports-car off the line. All these improvements will have their benefits when it comes to safety but knowing what the bike is capable of is essential, it is after all the rider who's in control not the motorbike! Also insurance assessments available

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Advice on returning to biking

I do offer sound advice on getting back in the saddle, however ther is plenty of information on the bikes pages of this website.


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